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Kalogria Beach

Our location is ideally set if you wish to explore Mani

Βιώστε και εσείς την ιδιαίτερη ενέργεια του Νότου. Τη γοητεία των άκρων. Το τέλος του ταξιδιού στη στεριά και την αρχή της απέραντης θάλασσας. Που κρύβει «πίσω» της άλλες ηπείρους. Μέρη μαγικά και ονειρεμένα.


Visit the three main destinations of the area: Kardamili, Stoupa and Agios Nikolaos and explore the mountain villages, Pyrgos, Saidona, Milies, Platsa, Exochori etc. A visit to the Fermor house in Kalamitsi, is a must. It is the most beautiful house in the Mediterranean, according to travel guides. Excursions to Limeni, Areopolis and Diros Caves in Laconia are also worthwhile

You will find the amazing beaches of Stoupa and Pantazis (Agios Nikolaos) in just a five-minute distance from our villas. Or you can enjoy Ritsa Beach in Kardamili, while if you care for a swim away from crowded places or want something different, Kalamitsi Beach is the right place for you (10-minute distance). Don’t miss the rocky beach of Katafygio in Trachila, ideal for diving (10-minute distance).


Enjoy your walk and the night life in Kalamata. Try hiking, mountain biking and climbing. If you prefer water sports, you can go kayaking and scuba diving in Kalogria or you can enjoy reiki, shiatsu and yoga sessions in Agios Nikolaos.

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Quality eating

Don’t miss: Elies tavern in Ritsa, Lela tavern and Tikla restaurant in Kardamili, Stoupa restaurant in Stoupa, Kserovasilias tavern in Platsa, Limani tavern in Agios Nikolaos, Takis’ tavern in Limeni or Platanos tavern in Thalames. There is a place for every taste in Mani!

For drinks or desserts visit Lola, Aquarella or Tikla in Kardamili, Maistros in Kalogria or Patriko in Stoupa etc